Sunday, November 23, 2014

Count Your Asanas Instead of Counting Sheep

For the last 7+ years, I've worked for a  large healthcare organization in the state of Utah.  Because of my employment, I'm exposed to amazing benefits and am constantly educated on healthcare. But when I accepted a promotion 15 months ago, my eyes were completely opened to what I'd been missing: relationships with doctors.

No, not Grey's Anatomy TV show relationships.  I'd never date a doctor.  Personal preference.  I'm talking personal relationships with caregivers.  

My job directly puts me into these relationships with the caregivers at my hospital because I hire them!  About this time last year, I began working on the onboarding of a doctor who would help to change my life and health.  She was completely pleasant in all of our interactions and always was timely with deadlines and requirements.  After our time together was done and she was officially off and running in her position, she still managed to stop in to visit with me and retain that relationship that we'd formed.  It was because of that relationship that I felt confident in asking her to take me on as a patient and requested that she become my primary care provider.

I was as enthusiastic as she was and I honestly was psyched for our first exam.  She did the basic exam and checked my vitals, but the rest of the time was all verbally connecting.  She asked questions and learned more about me than she probably ever initially thought she would.

One of the key items that she honed in on was that I'm a diagnosed insomniac who has been on everything from OTC to prescription sleeping pills for approximately 5 years.

She told me that we were going to take me off the pills and completely reset everything about me. Recommending that I evacuate my bedroom of any unnecessary distractions, art, and furniture, she also made one strong recommendation:  Do yoga.  Every day.

I've embraced everything that she recommended that I do and have not taken a sleeping pill in approximately 3 months.  I can't believe how much my nightly yoga practice, either in a studio or at-home setting, has truly helped me to relax, quiet my mind, and get some restful sleep.  

I found the following image in a search and it's extremely similar to my own nightly routine.  Give it a shot for a few days and see how incorporating some simple yoga postures before bed can give you a restful night!


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