Monday, November 24, 2014

"Sometimes It's Better To React With No Reaction"

I once dated a man, for a very brief period of time, who could NOT handle my reactions.  For example, he would make almost hurtful comments about the noises I'd quietly make under my breath as I climbed aboard his ginormously lifted truck.  He would mockingly laugh at the frustrated faces I'd pull when we were golfing and I'd swung poorly.  And he never failed to tell me when get the picture.  In summary, I'm an expressive and reactionary person.

Practice is making me change that, however.  I'm finding that where I once blushed in shame and glanced around to see if any eyes spotted me losing my balance, I no longer give a crap.  I find, now, that where I once gave an exasperated sigh, I maintain my ujjayi.  And I no longer give a crap.  I am there for my practice.  I am not there for anyone or anything else.  My only reaction is to refocus.

How interesting would life be if we applied that concept to everything else.  Every snide comment. Every sarcastic "joke".  Hurtful moments between hearts.  Every situation that would merit a "downtrodden" or "exhausted" reaction would, instead, get a calm, meditative, energetic, and cleansing lack of reaction.

Now there's a challenge.  Are you game?


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