Friday, January 9, 2015

How To Use Mala Beads for Meditation

The awesome gang over at Mala Collective have the BEST video series that you can rely on if you're new to meditation, mindfulness, and using mala beads. Not only do they want to provide you with beautiful beads to enrich your life and practice, but they want to provide education as well!  It's easy to come into meditation not knowing anything but stuff you see on TV.  You might think that it's just sitting around and chanting "Om".  And you're kind of right!  It really can be that simple.  It can be even simpler.  

I have had the hardest time sleeping lately, and last night was no exception.  I fell asleep, quickly, and stayed asleep, but I woke up feeling devoid of rest.  It put me in the worst mood.  The worst!  And I knew I needed to snap out of it.  I followed my normal routine, and as I jumped in the shower, I followed the example set by Mala Collective co-founder Ashley Wray.  In an interview I read on Lululemon (Mala Collective now sells through rad is that?!?), Ashley mentioned that she meditated in the shower, whilst shaving her legs, reciting her mantra with every razor stroke.

Now, when I'm in the shower, I usually have my best conversations.  I think about what I could have said in a certain situation.  All the time.  And for the last few months, it's usually been about what I would say to a certain someone if a certain situation were to arise between us again.  Honestly, it's unhealthy.  So, to wash that man right out of my hair (see what I did there?), I meditated while I was in the shower.  It completely helped me rid myself of the negative influence and impact he's had on me, and helped me stay focused, present, and mindful.

Starting my day with a little warm and wet meditation was perfect.  It set me up to remember my intention, my mantra, and to be the strength and blessing associated with my malas.  So when my day started to slow at one point and I found my mind drifting from the tasks and piles of paperwork in front of me, my hand drifted to my neck, rolled a few beads around, and I got back on track.

As I say that, I'm realizing that my hands drift to my Surfer Mala on their own.  They do it when I'm stressed about something.  They do it when I'm deep in thought on how to handle a situation. They do it when I have a self defeating thought come to mind.  They do it when I just need a little peace.  They do it beautifully.

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