Tuesday, January 13, 2015

"It" Happens

Well, it's been confirmed.  Try as hard as I may, I wasn't fooling anyone into thinking that I had "it" all together.

It didn't matter how great of a hair day I was having, how put together my outfit was, how many people I smiled at in the halls at work, and how much of my checklist I completed, how many cars I let into traffic ahead of me, because I couldn't deal with "it".

But it all became worth it today when someone noticed and mentioned that my practice has changed me.  She said that I was still the same, but not.  She said that whatever I was doing with my practice had made me more capable of dealing with "it".

While my practice isn't for anyone but me, it felt nice to hear that someone had acknowledged the change I was internally working on and hoping for.  And while it was nice to hear that she thought I could handle "it" better, it felt even better to realize that yes, I was handling "it" better.  Everything I'd focused on, thought about, physically practiced, mentally practiced was totally helping with "it".

"It" is life.  "It" is everything life throws our way.  Stress.  Relationships.  Works.  Health.  Anxiety.  Love.  Happiness.  Sadness.  All of "it".  And I'm finally handling "it".

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