Monday, January 19, 2015

The Yoga Beast Blog & Mala Collective Giveaway!

Have you ever looked back over the course of events in your life?  I'm talking about the kind of events that, at the time, seem so dire, so bleak, so sad, and so not worth it?  You know how it all eventually makes sense as to why you had to go through that time and frustration and you find happiness?  This is one of those moments.

To briefly summarize, I had found a small introduction to yoga, which lead to finding someone special, someone special who was also into yoga but at a different level than mine, which lead to an introduction to malas.  He couldn't really tell me about them, so I did my own research.  I spent days, weeks even, reading online, virtually window shopping different websites, and gaining my own knowledge about their significance.  I wound up losing the someone special.  I wound up losing a lot more that just him.  But I'd found a significant source of strength and support after finding and purchasing my first mala bracelet from Mala Collective.

I've built a nice little collection of malas that I'm wearing 24/7 (except for my necklace, of course) and from them I'm finding continued support.  I write about it all time.  I write about how they influence my decisions, behavior, attitude, thoughts, speech, etc..  I write about how they give me strength in times when I don't think that I can handle the ebbs and flow of life.  They are part of me.  In everything.  In every way.

I've also found immense support from my Mala Collective family. They are some of the kindest people I have ever met and I know that they genuinely
care about the people that their blessed malas. Rachael, you are a kind soul and I am grateful for the opportunities that you've given me.  Though I've only had one blog post published on your site, I'm so grateful for freedom of creativity that's accompanied the strength I've found.  They've also made me an affiliate for their company, which totally rocks my world.  I love being a part of this family and company, even in my own small way.

The kindness of this company doesn't end there.  They want to be nice to you, too!  That's why we're working together on a giveaway. You now have a chance to win your very own mala necklace to add to your own meditation practice, mindfulness practice, or even to wear because it's just so darn gorgeous.

If you'd like to win the beautiful Ocean Turquoise Mala that we are gifting, make sure you do the following:

1.  Follow @theyogabeastblog on Instagram
2.  Follow @malacollective on Instagram
3.  Repost the picture on Instagram with #TheYogaBeastBlog & #MalaLove
4.  Tag two friends who will win a special gift from me if you win

The giveaway will be open from today, Monday, January 18th, through Friday, January 23rd.  A winner will be chosen at random, and announced on Saturday, January 24th.

Best of luck and namaste!

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