Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ira Israel: Mindfulness Meditation, Day 3

Day Three:  Leaves and Clouds (7 minute meditation)

What an amazing lesson and exercise in learning to observe your thoughts with the aide of a visualization.  Ira suggests imagining your thoughts, as they come into your mind frame, as leaves. You watch them float down a river.  Or, you imagine your thoughts as clouds that drift through your mind frame. I chose leaves.

After creating the physical frame and regulating my breath, I began my practice.  As a few thoughts tried to find their way in, I visualized writing the thoughts on the leaves and, rather than just having them drift along like a screensaver, I placed it in the water with my hands.  It was my physical intention to rid myself of the thoughts rather than just letting them drift on their own.

Thought after thought was sent downstream as it interrupted my practice, but that was okay.  The focus of today was not to have an uninterrupted meditation.  It was to learn to observe them with help.

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