Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ira Israel: Mindfulness Meditation, Day 8

Day Eight: Mind Design  (12 minute meditation)

Consider the following paradox:  You're perfect and there's room for improvement.

The perfect part of you is whatever is watching or observing your thoughts.  Perhaps your higher self or a higher power.

The part that might need improvement is your mind or ego.  Which, essentially, was built to protect you.  And the way that it protects you is by creating resentments.  Could have.  Would have.  Should have.  Didn't.

In this meditation, I learned to replace these resentments with gratitude by inhaling LOVE and exhaling RESENTMENT.

Remember that story about that scientist who exposed water to positive words in written and verbal form, as well as positive and uplifting music and then froze the water?  They formed gorgeous crystals.  He also exposed water to negative words in written and verbal form, as well as angry music.  And when he froze it, it was not so pretty.

Think about it.  What you're inhaling is literally taken into your body.  It's actually absorbed into your body and used to fuel it.  The same thing goes for what you're exposed to.  Take LOVE in.

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