Thursday, February 19, 2015

Ira Israel: Mindfulness Meditation, Day 9

Day Nine:  The Suffering Equation (13 minute meditation)

Terry Fralich says that suffering equals the reality of now multiplied by resistance.  So in this meditation I got to cultivate acceptance.  Acceptance of what is.

The mind tells us that things should be otherwise, or the heart tells us that, but things are what they are.  So in order to release our suffering, we need to cultivate acceptance by inhaling acceptance and exhaling resistance.

This lesson could not have come at a more perfect time or on a more perfect day.  My current "suffering" is truly because my mind and heart are telling me different things about how it, me, we, he should be.  And, good grief, does it suck!  It seems like my life is in this constant state of up and down, of falling and standing back up.  Truly, my mala picked me and knew what was coming!  And while I could envy those who seem to have an easier time with life, the people who have limited challenges and struggles and seem to be on Easy Street more than my own rocky paths, I'm being strengthened by those ups and downs.  I get to find my feet every time I get to pull myself back up.

I don't know what the end result will be with this current "suffering".  And I've stopped trying to figure it, me, we, him, out.  I get to inhale acceptance of what is.  And what is is that I'll never not love him.  I get to exhale the resistance of what is.  And what is is that I'll never have any control over the resistance between us.  Instead, I get to be present.  I get to live MY life.  I will not put it on pause.  I will not stop and wait for what my heart tells me is supposed to happen.  I will not listen to what my mind tells me is supposed to happen.  I'm going to accept each moment.

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