Thursday, February 26, 2015

Let Sinking Ships Sink

I learned a valuable lesson, yesterday, as I was mid conversation with a dear friend.  We were talking about one of her current struggles, an issue that caused her a lot of stress and anxiety.  I knew there was no advice that I could give her to remedy the situation and let's face it, we're women, we like sounding off about issues without needing someone to fix things for us.  But a thought came to mind.

What if we broke down and freaked out every time something went wrong?  There'd be little time for much else than breaking down and freaking out.  Stuff goes wrong, all the time, and there's virtually nothing we can do about it and we can't prevent life from happening so I opened my mouth and out flowed a lesson that was almost more for me than it was for her:

Your ship will go down.  One way or another, it will sink.  So stop fixating on when the water will start spilling it.  Stop fixating on when the ship will capsize.  Let it happen.  And get out.

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